Love Connect Dating Tips

Making the first phone call
  • Make note of your prospective dates interests
  • Remember your goal is to fix a date
  • Arrange to meet for no more than 90mins

Meeting in person
  • Meet in a public place just for a drink
  • Keep the conversation light and relaxed
  • Tell a friend or family member where you are going

Don't do the following
  • Talk for more than 5mins at any one time
  • Interrogate your date
  • Talk about your ex or what you seek in a new partner

If you need more guidance then let us know as soon as possible and we will be glad to help you prepare. We have a range of Personal Development Coaches to guide you through step by step. It's very easy to get started and you will see the true beauty of successful dating once again! 

5 Easy Steps to Living a More Fulfilled Life

What does living a fulfilled life stand for? Does this mean we need to accomplish things? Or does is mean we need to achieve our goals? Not exactly a fulfilled life means that we live a satisfied life that is full of happiness.

Accomplishments and goals are an important part, but so are passions and desires. Every person living a fulfilled life requires ongoing development every day we take steps that help us achieve our goals.

It is easy to live life, going through the motions, but not truly feeling fulfilled. So how do we get our lives back on track and stay on track?

1) Focus
True fulfillment begins with focusing on thinking positively, feeling content, imagining happiness and loving yourself and others everyday - total commitment to these energies are very important.

2) Understanding
Becoming fulfilled sometimes takes a little exploration. Read and study what inspiring people have to say. Spend time in nature. Get a mentor or a lifecoach. Learn about yourself and spend an hour a day looking
with-in. If you explore, you will find the answer wherever you look with Focus.

3) Heal
The next step in finding fulfillment is to heal those wounds caused from a past relationship. Also help others heal wounds we have caused. When we have done this we learn to love ourselves and others.

4) Visualize
Create a picture of who you will be when you are fulfilling your purpose. Visualizing something first attracts the desired outcome.

5) Become
Take action now! Speak from and listen to your heart and learn to Love and Connect with others. This is a healthy way to express our needs and become a fulfilled person.

Taking these steps may seem daunting at first, but stepping out of our comfort zones can be exciting and the results are well worth the effort. So get started today and live life to the full! If you need more information on how to become a more fulfilled person, then please don't hesitate to contact us. We work closely with a range of Life- Coaches and we even use them ourselves from time to time, after all we all need to grow :)

Recent Testimonials
  • I want to thank Love Connect Australia for helping me realize that my idea of a dream partner wasn't actually what I needed. 
  • I'm now very happy and glad I put my trust in you. We are the complete opposite and yet have so much in common
  • I always thought using a dating service was a last resort. Until my friend recommended Love Connect Australia, and after meeting a few ladies, I have now met someone really kind and caring. Thank you.

Tip of the Month
We have successfully matched thousands of people, Australia wide. We have also introduced many members that have chosen to remain just friends. Remember, this is perfectly ok. In fact, if you meet someone that isn't quite your type for a relationship, it is always a good idea to remain friends, as he or she may know someone who matches up to you really well and you have another friend too.

Invest in a Personal Development Coach
  • Gain Life Skills that will assist you achieve the life outcomes that you Desire.
  • Learn to be Fit and Healthy and enhance your Self Esteem.
  • Learn effective Life Skill techniques, enabling you to make effective change and get you to where you want to be!
  • Learn simple steps that will enhance your Self Confidence and enable you to form mutually Satisfying Relationships.

A Life coach is your Personal trainer for your Life!  You have the ability within to re-frame obstacles and move beyond your past, to Love Yourself and move forward into a Happy - Healthy - Balanced - Purposeful Life.

Are You Ready to find the Answers and Live Life Now?  Would you like to share your own personal story of romance?  Or even help a friend or family member find true love and happiness?  Contact us today!

5 Reasons Why Relationships Fail 

Failed relationships are one of the biggest causes of stress and unhappiness in life.  This can then lead to mental and health problems, or even worse, lead to a fatal ending.  

For these reasons, understanding the key issues and taking decisive action can guide you to a far happier and healthier life, and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship.  

1. Self-centeredness
Self-centeredness is the cause of all relationship problems.  When we think of ourselves first and foremost, we ignore the needs of others.  Selfish partners are never easy to live with and tend to consume the relationship, constantly asking for compliments and support of others, but are not willing to give anything in return.

Being selfless is giving without expectation of receiving anything in return.  Take time to listen to your partner rather than controlling the conversation.  Even try doing things for your partner which have your best interests at heart.

2. Boundaries 
The ability to establish your boundaries, as well as respecting your partners, is critical to your ability to form a healthy relationship.  Yet most people struggle with boundary issues at some point in their lives.  Most are challenged with finding the middle ground for a romantic or long-term relationship.  Many find it difficult to establish boundaries in any area of their lives, becoming the human equivalent of a dumping ground for other people's problems!  

Finding an experienced personal development coach is a sound way to forming stronger boundaries and also learning how to respect your partners.  You will learn to feel more confident when speaking up for yourself and avoid unnecessary situations.  You will also learn how to support your partner needs without receiving a negative energy dump. 
3. Incompatibility  
Being in a relationship with someone who has a very different outlook on life to your own is a major concern.  This is something you may not notice during the honeymoon period of your relationship, but this will certainly arise in time, as you you'll begin to argue about things which are so minuscule and pointless.

Before entering in a serious relationship, consider being friends with your potential partner beforehand.  Find out what their core values are and what makes them feel happy.  If you are single, consider contacting a reputable relationship service that provides a compatibility match.  You'll be amazed what difference this makes and you'll save a lot of time and money.

4. Forcing your partner to change
Let's face it nobodies perfect!  When it comes to being in serious relationship, we often focus on the negative things in our partner.  We tend to ask them to be different in the way they do things or even the way they think.  

Remember, when you have a relationship with someone, you have a relationship with their good and bad points.  Expecting someone to change is almost near impossible, so make sure you pay attention to point number 3 and ensure they are compatible, as you might break someone's heart or undergo a very unhappy relationship.

5. Jealousy
The Green-eyed monster tends to creep up on us from time to time.  It may be due to your past experience of a bad relationship.  Or even something that you were born with as a result of your parents insecurities. This will cause great harm in a relationship and to you also.

Talking about this with your partner can be very beneficial, as they might not realise this and simply think you are unhappy.  Focus on all the wonderful things in your relationship and tell yourself you are special.  And, remember to ask yourself this question; if your partner didn't want to be with you, then why would they be with you now?

There is so much to learn about maintaining happy and healthy relationships.  Being guilty of these faults doesn't make you a bad person, it makes you normal.  But, being aware of these faults and taking action is really important.  And remember this; it's never too late to learn.

By Beaudine - Senior Relationship Consultant 


Are you in a relationship? Or are you still looking for that special someone to share your heart and soul with? Then there are 7 ways to find love!

Before you begin your search for your soul mate, or even if you want to just improve the bond you have with your significant other, then there is one vital step you need to make before you start.  And that's you!

Kiri tells us that it is important to master the relationship with yourself, before we can accept being truly happy. Your presence is everything, and being in a joyful state attracts people to you. This contributes to a happier, healthier lifestyle and can be achieved by maintaining your physical health and emotional frame of mind.

Consider the following 7 steps to begin that happier and healthier you;

1.       Love your body: Taking up regular exercise not only helps you feel happier because of the extra endorphins (happy hormones) you produce, getting out and about will expose you to more and more people. Remember this; a healthy routine attracts healthy people!

2.       Love relaxation:  Dealing with your rest management and taking more time out is really important for everyday life. This doesn't mean watching more TV or going down the pub more often! Regularly partake in something that makes you feel energized. Maybe go to the park, sit under a tree and read a good book, or even try some yoga. You'll be surprised by how happier you'll feel, and how much more energy you'll have in the process.

3.       Love healthy food: Eating quality produce that hasn't been over cooked is really important for your vitality. Think of it like this; if you eat something that has been over cooked, all the living organisms have been destroyed. Once you add this to your body, you'll then need to use more energy to digest this properly, which as a result makes you feel sluggish. Try slowing down you are your cooking process of meat and vegetables. Or why not try some salad recipes, fresh is best.

4.       Love smiling: Meeting new people on a daily basis can be a challenge, especially if you lack the confidence to do so. Having a smile not only will make you look more approachable, but you'll also feel even happier because you have a big smile on your face!

5.       Love people: Let's face it, we all live pretty hectic lives and tend to be in a crazy rush. Try making more small talk with the people you meet every day. Maybe next time you are at the checkout at your local supermarket, ask how the cashiers day has been. You'll not only put a big smile their face, you'll find yourself talking to more and more strangers every day.

6.       Love life: Being in a joyful state requires a present way of thinking. Those that spend time thinking too much about their past or future tend to miss out on what's going on around them.  Have you ever heard the saying stop and smell the roses? Life is so much more enjoyable when living in the moment.

7.       Love giving: unconditionally giving can be very rewarding and bring great things to a current or future relationship. Try not to expect anything in return and you'll receive a lot more in the long run. Consider doing something for someone who can never repay you. This could be one of the most rewarding things ever.

Taking the necessary steps to a balanced life will definitely take you in the right direction, but remember this, if you are single and seeking The One, then never give up on your dream, because Mr or Mrs Right could be just around the corner.

By Kiri Flavell, Senior Relationship Consultant

For more information on meeting likeminded singles contact us today!